Data River Srl


Data River is an innovative SME, auto certified as Contract Research Organization (CRO) by AIFA and Associate member of the European Big Data Value Association.

The company develops innovative software solutions and offers specialized consulting services for Clinical Data Management, IoMT, big Data Integration and Machine Learning concerned to Clinical Trials, Cancer and Rare Disease Registries, Mobile Data Capture Apps for the collection and management of patient clinical trial data from mobile and wearable devices.

It collaborates with important public institutions and private companies in the clinical field, for the creation of web platforms and software systems for the collection, processing and analysis of data concerning rare disease and pathology registries, clinical trials.

Role in CCE_DART

DataRiver main areas of interest in Digital Health are on health data collection, integration, storage and analysis. The main application areas are:

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies
  • Personalized medicine and care approaches: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to develop personalized care pathways and treatments, monitoring status, quality of life and environment factors during and after therapies through IoMT technologies integrated in living places.
  • Enhanced Doctor-Patient communication
  • Effectiveness and productivity of public and private health services