As a general impact, the CCE-DART model will mean an important inflection point in the design of clinical trials in the field of Oncology, as it addresses and amends the most important challenges of current designs. The model will allow to significantly save time and costs, improving the design, quality, efficiency and analysis of clinical trials, specifically the Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT). In addition, it will be an attractive “product” for pharma companies sponsoring their own clinical trials or providing drugs/funds for academic Investigator-initiated Trials. CCE-DART will i
The CCE-DART collaborative model aims to reshape the clinical trial’s concept ni Oncology which would ultimately increase:

  • The European Union’s leadership in cutting-edge clinical research with ultimate benefit for cancer patients;
  • EU technological progress and competitiveness in the development of new tools associated with clinical research.

Social impact

The project aspires to be a reference type of Oncology trial setting for patients and clinical researchers for various reasons:

  • Its comprehensive approach
  • It implements comprehensive analysis of sample longitudinally
  • It implements tools that allow a better visualization and management of data and better

involvement and empowerment of patients for the recovery of the data which allows a better management of AEs.