Public Deliverables

D1.1. Quality assurance guidelines and procedures

A set of quality assurance scientific and clinical principles to be applied in all work to be developed during the project.

D2.2. BoB biorepository of data (front end)

Deployment of a cBioPortal instance to navigate the generated data adapted to the CCE-DART clinical needs.

D4.1. Imaging standardization

Development of a pipeline for multi-scanner image data standardization, processing and radiomics feature extraction.

D4.2. Molecular standardization

Technical specifications for non-invasive molecular monitoring approaches, including decision making thresholds for specific clinical trial scenarios.

D4.3. Imaging response

Definition of new imaging and molecular markers, based on single or combination of measurements, for patient stratification and as early readouts for tumour progression and drug response.

D5.1. Predictive biomarkers

Identification of new molecular and imaging-based biomarkers with predictive value for treatment allocation.

D5.2. Emerging response markers

Definition of new markers of tumour progression and drug response based on emerging imaging and molecular profiling technologies.

D19.1. Business sustainability and exploitation plan

Development of exploitation studies for the project outcomes.

D20.1. Initial workshop

Convene Workshop 1 between academic / pharma / regulatory stakeholders and publish workshop report.

D20.2. Final workshop

Convene Workshop 2 between academic / pharma / regulatory stakeholders and publish consensus statement for the use of novel clinical trial methods in a wide range of setting.