Where we come from?

Cancer Core Europe (CCE) is an association of 7 leading cancer centers in Europe. They joined forces to carry out innovative research propelling cancer medicine into a new era.

CCE_DART is a project under the umbrella of Cancer Core Europe (CCE). It offers the perfect setting for the implementation of the CCE_DART proposal, as it counts with state-of-the-art platforms for molecular patient selection, a critical mass of patients and a unique infrastructure including bioinformatics and translational research capabilities able to support clinical trials in small patient populations. The framework collaboration integrates standardized prescreening methods (including a 350-genes panel) and common standard operating procedures, contracts and budgets. Its design allows both the development of sponsor-initiated trials and modular investigator-initiated trials, providing flexibility for adding new arms with different molecular alterations.


The Basket of Baskets study (BoB) is the use case for for some the CCE_DART WA.

BoB is a modular basket trial that aims to evaluate the antitumor activity of therapies in multiple disease settings/ genetic contexts and in small patient populations as a signal finding study.

BoB trial consists of 2 parts: Part A (iPROFILER), that includes the common procedures for tumor molecular profiling and treatment recommendation; and Part B (iBASKET), that corresponds to the therapeutic portion and includes different modules for each selected molecular alteration.